Club Schedule for 2016-2017

And Janurary Newsletter

JANUARY 21st  will be our SUPER HUNT



We had a great turnout for the first coin hunt of the season! All but 4 tokens were found and those were raffled off to ticket holders.

Thank you to all the volunteers , members,prize donors and hunters that make the coin hunts possible !

Video of the first coin hunt is at

Thanks to Russ from RVerTV channel.






Congratulations to Eric and Gertie who found the

buried treasure chest at our claim called Miners Affair!

The treasure was a $100 Dollar Nugget

It was found Dec 8th.


Hidden Wallet Clues 2016 - 2017

1.Rolling snake eyes is a lucky way to start your day.

2.If the "Dome" you can see your in the wrong vicinity.

3.The way is best when you're a cut above the rest .......

4.In the afternoon i can be found in the shade of a "Green Stick"




The push was done Sunday Dec 4th!!







The January 2016 SUPER COIN HUNT was a big success!



Many tokens were recovered!

Kenneth's token got him a Gold Wheel

Keith from Alaska received a GO-FIND detector

Ray got a Tesoro Detector and

Ed from Mesa is the proud owner of a GARRETT ACE



IRMA scored the X-TERRA 705 by MINELAB





Frank hit the mother lode !

Three great prizes for his tokens.


Larry has 2 nice Gold Nuggets


185 Tokens found of 193 planted

The hunters with their prizes

The 8 not found were raffled off to all entrants and volunteers






Jim & Pat found a nice nugget after the push at Middle Camp!





January 13th outing at Middle Camp. Gary Peck running the washer toss game and Keith demonstrating his trommel! Great day had by all!
















Our outing at Middle Camp on Jan 13th and Joe made

(with help from volunteers)the miners stew which seems

to go over really well at the outings...

























Quartzsite Community Thrift Store

Donates for the local after school Metal Detecting

and Gold Panning Programs.


Volunteers from The Quartzsite community thrift store donated a gift to Joe Wallingford, Vice President of Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club, in support of our after school Metal Detecting and Gold Panning Club programs for the local school children.


Many Thanks go out to

The Quartzsite Community Thrift Store for their generous contribution!


The Quartzsite Community Thrift Store Needs

your donations to help others in our community

call 928-916-7338 to have items picked up or

drop off at the Quartzsite Community Thrift Store behind

Silly Al's Pizza on Showplace Lane


Quartzsite Community Thrift Store

Winter hours 9am -1pm Mon-Sat

Summer hours 9am to 1pm Thurs-Sat



"The purpose of the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club is to bring together, in good fellowship, people interested in all forms of treasure hunting. The club shall promote the use of the great outdoors for health and recreation, and promote interest in local, state, and national history."



Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club

Post Office Box 3102

Quartzsite, Arizona  85359-3102